The first 7 days

Seven days down, a whole healthy lifetime ahead! I’ve made it through the first, and I think, toughest, week without wanting to shove my face in a chocolate trifle!  I’ve slowly been making my way through the recipes in Deliciously Ella and let me tell you – they are so delicious I honestly think it’s kept my mind off the fact I’m not eating heaps of refined carbs and sugar.  I even got through the dreaded ‘Day 3’, usually make or break day for me, with no problems – sugar cravings just a mere fleeting thought.

Despite the Day 3 sugar triumph I was left struggling for different reasons.  I’m currently in the midst of the problem skin at its worst and on a course of antibiotics.  During Day 3 I really felt I wasn’t seeing much improvement (from the medication, not the diet) which, quite frankly, left me feeling incredibly fed up and upset.  In the past this would be the point I cave and give in to a huge slab of cake or chocolate because, well, “What’s the point?”  But this time, determination won out and I didn’t, and won’t, give in.

Friday found me in a different type of food challenge – a work picnic.  Cue picnic eggs, crisps, sandwiches, sausage rolls, chocolate…but not for me!  I put it to the room a few days before – was anyone up for a healthy salad of my making?  After a somewhat muted response, one colleague pipes up, “I am – you’re always eating attractive vegetables!”

The picnic arrived and so did I with my homemade cauliflower tabbouleh and broccoli slaw (both from The Art of Eating Well, if you’re wondering).  I did pretty well sticking to this, chicken, falafel and some brie.  I even surprised many of my colleagues with how tasty these healthy salads are (the broccoli slaw being a particular favourite).  Healthy doesn’t mean boring.

Now, I just need to get through a long weekend in France!


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