The start of something new!

I’ve always had ‘problem’ skin – ever since I hit puberty I was plagued with spots of varying size and severity whilst my two younger sisters were blessed with beautifully clear skin, only now and then a “huge” spot appearing, barely visible to the naked eye.  Fast forward to my early twenties, the summer of 2004, and the problem skin I’d become used to stepped it up a notch…or 10! A large, no, huge, spot began to develop and continued to do so until it had taken over half of my chin, was red raw and extremely painful.  Then followed numerous trips to the doctor and months of antibiotics, leaving me none the wiser as to what was going on.  Every now and then this flares up again (although not as severe) and in different areas of my face – it’s now just a call to my doctor for the prescription.  Usually I can go a few years with nothing, until this year – two bouts in less than 6 months! Recently I’ve been reading how diet (and in particular, sugar) has a massive impact on your skin.  I’ve also been following the likes of Natasha Corrett, Madeline Shaw and Deliciously Ella on social media.  It was buying Ella’s cook book last week that inspired me to finally take control and change my diet in order to break this cycle. I’ve often said, “I’m going to eat clean and get healthy” only for a few weeks later, or after the holiday I’d been using as my goal, to slip back into old habits.  I need a way to keep myself accountable and so that’s why I’ve started this blog – to chart my progress to clearer skin and a healthy, long term lifestyle.


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